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诊断学,影像器材,手术 &内窥镜检查设备, 治疗和物理医学, 植入体和假体, 高强度医学/麻醉学/呼吸学, 急诊医学, 救援设备, 操作技术 & equipment, hospital equipment, care equipment, hygiene / sterilisation / disinfection
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IT基础设施/计算机硬件, 移动健康, 移动它, 蓝牙无线技术(, wi - fi), 可穿戴技术, 智能纺织品, 电子健康, 远程医疗/远程信息/遥测, 行政 & medical information systems / software, communication systems


实验室设备: 分析系统,离心机,微孔板 & microtiter plates, microscopes, filtration systems, glass / plastic & 金属实验室项目;
诊断测试: 临床化学, 血红蛋白检测, 电泳检测, 微生物学检验, 免疫化学测试, 免疫学检测, 基因检测, 分子诊断


Hydrotherapy treatment equipment, bandages, occupational therapy equipment, waking & 流动艾滋病, 压缩治疗设备, 冲击波治疗设备, 流动艾滋病, 理疗的冷 & 热处理, 按摩设备, 康复设备, 骨科脚艾滋病, 鞋子和鞋垫, 培训设备, 康复设备, 轮椅
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Universal medical commodities, acupuncture equipment, articles for nursing, hygiene & 医疗美容, 医疗系统用电池, 表面消毒剂, 手卫生站/用品, 一次性用品, 助听器, 尿失禁的系统, 气孔艾滋病, 导管, 无菌袋, 亚麻, 病人识别腕带, 个人防护设备, 伤口护理设备, 废物管理

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Life-like organ replicas - so-called 3D organoids - are a good way to research disease processes. A team from the University of Würzburg has now presented a kind of blueprint for such a model of the cervix.
Scientists identify characteristics to better define long COVID
使用机器学习, researchers find patterns in electronic health record data to better identify those likely to have the condition.
New method melds data to make a 3-D map of cells’ activities
HZI researchers develop molecular probes to detect pathogens in clinical samples.
HZI researchers develop molecular probes to detect pathogens in clinical samples.
Clinical support software improves efficiency and quality of care in the OR
Preventing medication administration errors and improving efficiency during surgery enhances patient care.
Nanosensor platform could advance detection of ovarian cancer
利哈伊大学的研究人员, 多机构团队的一员, use the fluorescence of carbon nanotubes and machine learning to create a ‘spectral fingerprint’ of a hard-to-diagnose cancer.
Smart pacifier to monitor infant health in the hospital
一个无线, bioelectronic pacifier could eliminate the need for invasive, twice-daily blood draws to monitor babies’ electrolytes in Newborn Intensive Care Units or NICUs.
Process chains for isolation and analysis: from single cells to organoids
Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT are working on new tools for the preparation and analysis of single cells and cell assemblies. 该团队开发了“Liftoscope”, a system for cell sorting for subsequent cultivation that can analyze and transfer biomaterials precisely and in a way that is gentle on cells.
Hyperpolarized nuclear MR: 更多的 precise diagnoses and personalized therapies
Hyperpolarized nuclear magnetic resonance enables major medical advances in 分子诊断, for example for cardiovascular diseases or cancer therapy. Within the framework of the EU collaborative project "MetaboliQs", seven partners developed a microscopy method which enables the analysis of metabolic processes at the single cell level by means of diamond-based hyperpolarization.
Multi-tasking wearable continuously monitors glucose, 酒精, and lactate
Imagine being able to measure your blood sugar levels, 知道自己是否喝多了, 并在锻炼过程中跟踪你的肌肉疲劳, 都在你皮肤上的一个小装置里. Engineers at the University of California San Diego have developed a prototype of such a wearable that can continuously monitor several health stats—glucose, 酒精, 以及乳酸水平——同时实时监测.
Virtual reality to give UTSA students unique look at proteins
弗朗西斯Yoshimoto, assistant professor in the UTSA College of Sciences’ Department of Chemistry, is introducing his Biochemistry II laboratory students to a new way of learning—using virtual reality headsets to observe and analyze protein structures.
Ensemble model to anticipate short-term COVID-19 hospital demand
过去两年, the COVID-19 pandemic has exerted pressure on the hospital system, 对病人的护理路径产生影响. 支持医院规划策略, it is important to anticipate COVID-19 health care demand and to continue to improve predictive models.
Model finds COVID-19 deaths among elderly may be due to genetic limit on cell division
你的免疫系统对抗COVID-19的能力, 像任何感染, largely depends on its ability to replicate the immune cells effective at destroying the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes the disease. These cloned immune cells cannot be infinitely created, and a key hypothesis of a new study is that the body’s ability to create these cloned cells falls off significantly in old age.
Operating rooms are the climate change contributor no one’s talking about
Two surgeons-in-training suggest some sustainable solutions for their energy-intensive discipline.
在冠状病毒大流行中, a fundamental resource in the health care system was hardly spared: nurses in hospitals and care facilities bore one of the greatest burdens of all during the pandemic. In addition, they were exposed to a high risk of infection. Without their efforts, many 更多的 people would have died. International Nurses Day highlights their role in the health care system.
New computational tool to interpret clinical significance of cancer mutations
该软件, 叫CancerVar, standardizes procedures to help researchers assess the clinical impacts of over 13 million somatic cancer mutations.
"Digital twins" aid to give individual patients the right treatment
An international team of researchers have developed advanced computer models, 或“数字双胞胎”, 的疾病, 以提高诊断和治疗为目标.
Portable MRI system for early detection of sports injuries
Researchers at the University of Tsukuba develop a portable MRI system specifically for identifying wrist cartilage damage among athletes, providing a convenient means of early detection and treatment of injuries.
Optimizing digital contact tracing for infectious diseases
A new research project at Leuphana University Lüneburg is dealing with digital contact tracing for the containment of infectious diseases. The experience with COVID-19 has shown that contact tracing can make an effective contribution to pandemic control. Now the aim is to evaluate existing systems and develop proposals for their further development.
Fagron acquires majority share of Fraunhofer IPMS' spin-off HiperScan
Fagron, a leading global company active in pharmaceutical compounding, 4月14日宣布收购HiperScan, the German market leader for reliable raw material identification in pharmacies. HiperScan is a spin-off of Fraunhofer IPMS and the German market leader for reliable and secure identification of starting materials in pharmacies.
Regardless of distance: humans run at the most energy-efficient speed
By combining data from runners monitored in a lab along with 37,可穿戴式健身追踪器记录了000次跑步, scientists have found that humans’ natural tendency is to run at a speed that conserves caloric loss—something that racers seeking to shave time off their miles will have to overcome.
High-frequency spinal cord stimulation shows improved longer lasting pain relief
相比老, 低频治疗, but study also finds some differences in perceived pain reduction between male and female patients
Breast-cancer: Radiologists and AI systems show differences in screenings
Radiologists and artificial intelligence systems yield significant differences in breast-cancer screenings, 一组研究人员发现. 它的工作, which appears in the journal Nature Scientific Reports, reveals the potential value of using both human and AI methods in making medical diagnoses.
在“HiSSS”项目中, Fraunhofer IDMT is making an important contribution to logopaedic therapy after a stroke.


The Benefits of Bariatric Care Beds Designed and Manufactured by Benmor Medical
Aurum+ Bariatric Bed The Aurum+ Bariatric Bed meets all the regular criteria of an acute bariatric bed with specially designed engineering features such as innovative stowable safety rails which can...
Gemino签署了《维尔法特宪章》, an employer initiative to promote diversity in companies and institutions. Gemino is committed to creating a work environment that is free of prejudice and...
Stansomatic has been awarded a bronze medal in recognition of our sustainability achievement
Stansomatic has been awarded a bronze medal in recognition of our sustainability achievement. EcoVadis has evaluated the activities of Stansomatic in the area of corporate social responsibility and...
Introducing RPD-3500 quantitative rapid test kit reader - smaller, lighter, 更多的 affordable!
Since our participation in last year’s MEDICA Trade Fair, our creative Medical R&D team has developed a smaller and 更多的 affordable version of RADIA-G quantitative immunoassay reader -...
Gemino: one of Western Europe’s 30 largest language service providers
Or: The advantages of independence The independent CSA Research institute has concluded its report for 2022. Gemino is delighted to once again be listed as one of the 30 largest LSPs in Western Europe.
新型系列杀菌灯. Let's get to know NBV Multi-directional->
CATEGORY: UV-C germicidal lamps | READING TIME: about 2 min. 因为全球大流行已经成为一个真正的问题, 不只是在科幻电影里见过, 人们对消毒过程的认识已经...
Clonit, Innovation and Passion to serve Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) diagnosis and monitoring. We are pleased to announce the recent introduction of the new Oncohematology line of...